"Orthopraxy" Hooded Sweatshirt

"Orthopraxy" Hooded Sweatshirt

“In religion, the focus is on orthodoxy, that is, correct belief. In jiu-jitsu the focus is on orthopraxy, that is, correct practice.”

From: "The Yoga of Action" - Devotion Magazine Issue 4

For the first time ever, a Devotion product features the original artwork of co-founder Paul Waggener.

Inspired by the warrior monk culture of our dojo, the skeleton back piece is a stunning combination of religious iconography and black metal aesthetics, a familiar pairing for fans of Waggener’s art.

The Triad logo sits below the skeleton, representing heaven and earth, with man in between.

“Heaven is right where you are standing, and that is the place to train.”

On the other side and on the front, the Devotion bindrune, which hangs over our mats.

The font used on the front and the hood of the sweatshirt is a nod to the Devotion top rocker patch, reserved for those who train at our temple.


Seth W. is 6'1" 205 and wears an XL
Paul W. is 5'7" 185 and wears a L