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It's Been a Minute...

We’re back.

It’s been months since we were de-platformed by both our online store and email service.

My weekly Triad emails to all of you abruptly stopped (here was the last one).

No more merch drops or new ‘zines.

Our most loyal supporters still followed along on our Instagram and Telegram (thank you to the true ULTRAS), so you already know about the competitions, the legends who taught at Devotion (Thank you Kurt and Soneca!) and other news that's happened since February.

You probably saw the belt promotions for a number of us (yes, I finally got my purple belt).

(If you're looking to catch up to where we left off - our last track of "The Way" on Youtube was published just before we got banned.)

Devotion now enters a new season so to speak - with a whole new crop of white belts.

I’ll be taking the lead on the brand side of Devotion, while my brother continues to coach and dictate the curriculum on the mats (don’t worry, he’ll still be writing articles and helping us design rad merch)

We wanted to go really big on our relaunch, so we went back and looked at what you guys had asked for the most over the last few years.

The Devotion Gi was such an easy choice - we decided to make two.

White and Black (the only colors allowed at Devotion) with stunning original artwork by

Paul W.

I hope you guys love ‘em.

We have so much more coming for you all, including a new issue of the ‘zine and tons more apparel, so make sure you stay tuned to our email list and social media channels.

See ya on the mats!

- Seth


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